Serving your data to any device or Channel

One Solution to store and retrieve your data. Any Social Channel, push messaging, Analytics and management information all in one Backend. That is InteGreat! Shorten your App Development Time substantially with our Android and iOs Sdk’s. Select your data, manipulate it and start building your App. 
InteGreat is your ready-to-run BaaS Solution for any platform.


Connect your existing data source or CMS
right out of the box.


We can handle your push messaging, social channels or even file handling, and we won't even blink.

iOS or Android SDK

To make your life easier, we created ready to run iOS and Android frameworks so you can focus on delivering a great user experience.

We are currently in the final stages of Beta testing, but are you in the App developing business, we have the perfect backend service, Want to know more ? Or do you have questions, or maybe want a demo, let us know!

Feel free to drop us a line